Financial Inclusion in Africa with Vipaso & Horizon – ITNA Digital Innovation Podcast EP 2

This week on IT News Africa’s Digital Innovation Podcast, Luis Monzon interviews Peter Neubauer, CEO of Austrian fintech startup Vipaso.

Vipaso has recently released its digital payments innovation “Horizon” in many markets across Africa with Vipaso hoping to boost financial inclusion through the solution and choice partners.

Around 57% of the total population of Africa – about 95-million people – do not have a traditional bank account, according to The Fintech Times. As millions remain unbanked in Africa, mobile penetration and internet use continues to grow, especially in massive markets such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa where mobile finance is booming.

Solutions such as Horizon are being adopted at a record pace with merchants, customers and other users turning to digital innovations to quickly process and make payments, further closing the digital divide and lessening the impact of financial exclusion.

Peter and I broach a number of topics, such as just how Horizon works to boost digital inclusion and Vipaso’s future plans for the African Market.

Listen to the episode below:

By Luis Monzon
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