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What is Wordle? Everything You Need to Know About the Trending Software Game

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Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer, for his partner who really liked word games in October 2021 during the pandemic.

Wardle also shared the game with his family on a WhatsApp group. After he realised that his relatives were crazy about it, he decided to release it to the rest of the world, and the game has since caused a craze on the internet, with people sharing their frustration or boasting about their winning streak.

Here are things you should know about the game:

1. Wordle is only available online

At the moment, people who love the game or those who want to try it out for the first time can play the game online on The New York Times website. All you need to do is search “Wordle” on whichever browser that you are using.

The landing page on the website shows you the game instructions instantly. Everyone gets six tries per day and it takes a day for another Wordle to open, which the creator of the game believed was a breakthrough feature because it would keep people wanting more.

The word of the day is a five-letter word that you have to guess by typing six words in the blocks. Grey blocks mean you are nowhere near the correct word. Yellow blocks mean that you have correct letters in the wrong blocks. Green blocks mean you are getting close and that a letter is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

2. Wordle is free

The game is completely plain when you open it, just empty white boxes. You will not find any links that will ask you to buy anything. Unlike, other games you will find online there are no in-app purchases. There are also no ads that you will find when you open The New York Times link. It’s almost like Sudoku or Crosswords, but also totally different, and also online.

3. The game lacks a lot of growth hacking features 

According to, The New York Timesthe game lacks a lot of growth hacking features, which is expected in games of this era. For example, Wordle won’t send notifications to your phone to come back or give you rewards for spending long periods of time playing the game. The game needs only 5 minutes of your time or whatever amount of time it’ll take you to solve the word.

The New York Times says that Wardle actually thought of creating a link at the end to attract more players but decided not because he thought it would make the game look messy.

Regardless of this, the game still attracts a lot of people, and every day, players have something to say about it.

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