Talking Hyper Automation with Rocket’s Jamie Devlin: ITNA Digital Innovation Podcast Special Episode

In this special episode of IT News Africa‘s Digital Innovation Podcast, Luis Monzon chats to Jamie Devlin, Manager Sales Engineering EMEA at US-based Rocket Software about the quickly emerging innovation of hyper-automation, or more specifically robotic process automation (RPA).

Hyper-automation is an exciting digital innovation making its burgeoning forays into Africa as businesses across the continent are looking at the future-minded technology to simplify and add increased conveniences to their many processes.

However, hyper-automation has also been a controversial subject as of late, with many fearing that the innovation’s uptake means that many previously manual jobs will become fully automated and be lost. Even if this is not necessarily the take, as you will discover by listening to the episode.

Together, the two broach topics like what exactly is the process of hyper-automation, how can it help business in terms of flexibility and efficiency, what are the negatives of hyper-automation and what does the new innovation mean for the African market.

Listen to the special episode below:

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By Luis Monzon
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