Save Big on LG’s Latest OLED-TV This Black Friday Week

Black Friday isn’t just on the 26th of November anymore. Some brands have started announcing unbeatable bargains for the whole month, giving us more time to cross off our shopping lists before heading into the long-awaited December holiday.

And, if you’re looking to treat yourself or your family to tech that will liven up your festive season, LG’s offerings could help turn your living room into a full-blown cinema.

LG Electronics has announced new Black Friday promotions for their expansive product range and, this week, they’re throwing in an exclusive deal on their newest addition to the OLED TV family – the LG 55” A1. This sleek TV will now be available for R16,999, with a saving of R3 000.

The power of self-lit pixels

When LG’s OLED TVs came onto the market, they revolutionised modern display technology, the company says. They surpassed LED, Mini-LED, and LCD technology with the power of more than 33 million self-lit pixels that turn on and off at an individual level. Whereas LED displays rely on backlighting, even for darker parts of the screen, OLED delivers perfect blacks because dark pixels are completely turned off.

This leads to a greater contrast ratio, which means colours are more vibrant and accurate. Furthermore, OLED TVs boast a lightning-fast response time of 1 millisecond, creating quicker colour changes to display fast-moving scenes with less blur and flickering – an ideal feature for gamers and sports enthusiasts.

Launched in 2021, LG’s OLED A1 delivers perfect blacks and superior picture quality with stunning 4K detail at 60Hz. The 55” A1 OLED also uses LG’s α7 Gen 4 AI and comes with LGs updated smart remote.

A cinema-class experience

The 55” A1 OLED boasts Dolby Vision IQ image technology that intelligently adjusts the contrast and brightness between different parts of the screen by analysing on-screen content and metadata. And, whether watching a movie in the middle of the day or late at night, it uses the TV’s built-in light sensor to monitor the ambient lighting of your living room and adjust the picture accordingly.

Dolby Atmos delivers true 3D audio by adding a height dimension to surround sound. Traditional surround sound systems can only make sounds pan left to right, or forwards and backwards. With Dolby Atmos, the added height channel puts you in the middle of a scene, so you can hear exactly where every sound is coming from.

This revolutionary sound format, which is used in thousands of cinemas worldwide, also prioritises certain details to make sounds more realistic. It can recognise up to 118 unique sound objects (such as voices, instruments, or sound effects) and places them more precisely across the soundscape of your living room. Sounds, therefore, become clearer, more isolated, and distinguishable. And, because the sound is multidimensional, the cinematic experience is more immersive.

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