Vodacom SA Goes Green With New Eco-Friendly SIM Cards

Vodacom South Africa is launching Eco-SIM cards made from recycled plastic as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reduce its impact on the environment by halving its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Vodacom will soon provide customers with new Eco-SIMs in the half-sized format made from recycled plastic, progressively replacing SIM cards currently made from new plastic. The Eco-SIM launch in South Africa forms an integral part of parent company Vodafone’s rollout in 14 of its other markets.

“At Vodacom South Africa, we have always maintained that business success should not come at the cost to the planet,” says Balesh Sharma, MD for Vodacom South Africa.

“We believe that urgent and sustained action is required to address climate emergencies, which is why we constantly launch products and initiatives that aim to preserve the planet in line with our purpose”

Sharma says that the introduction of the new eco-SIM cards in South Africa marks another way in which Vodacom is mitigating its own environmental impact.

A Pan-Industry Focus on Being Green

The introduction of Eco-SIM cards follows the recent Eco-Rating initiative, launched to encourage consumers to make conscious purchasing choices when picking a mobile handset.

The pan-industry Eco Rating for mobile phones across multiple brands carries a distinct label at the point of sale where these devices are available for sale to customers.

“We are constantly researching and launching initiatives that help us create a sustainable future and preserve our natural resources. The launch of these eco-friendly SIMs forms part of our overall purpose strategy to create a better future and more sustainable world through the adoption of sustainable practices like recycling plastic SIMs, thereby reducing waste. As part of this initiative, we aim to minimise and eliminate plastic usage at all our touchpoints, including our warehouse and our different logistics and distribution chains,” says Davide Tacchino, Managing Executive of Terminals at Vodacom.

According to a statement from the telco, Vodacom aims to minimise and eventually eliminate the usage of plastics at other business touchpoints as well.

Although Vodacom offers eSIM support on wearables in South Africa, most mobile customers still require a physical SIM card for their mobile device until eSIM support for all devices become more widespread.

Vodacom Serious About the Environment

Vodacom has also eliminated all unnecessary plastic and disposable single-use items across retail stores and some of its offices.

This includes the removal of plastic straws, stirrers, cups and cutlery in our canteens. In 2019, Vodacom also eliminated the use of plastic bags across its stores and replaced them with recyclable brown paper bags.

All Vodacom stores now use an e-mail receipting system that sends receipts via e-mail or SMS replacing the need to print receipts and saving on paper consumption.

Edited by Luis Monzon
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