How the Cookie Armageddon is Improving Customer Experiences

Deprecation of the use of third-party cookies in browsers has been delayed to 2023 due to the complexity of the move for many organizations.

The end of third-party cookies is indeed a big change that requires urgent attention by organizations if they are going to be able to even meet the extended deadlines.

Cookies have been a major customer engagement driver and have been used extensively to obtain customer data to deliver more relevant customized experiences for customers.

Enterprises need alternative strategies around data collection and identity management to help them lead their organizations through this change.

On the 2nd of September, a webinar titled: How the Cookie Armageddon is Improving Customer Experiences will be held to explore the business challenges and opportunities around identity in a privacy-conscious world and life after the 3rd-party cookie.

What to expect in this session:

• Hear the most up-to-date Adobe point of view on cookie tracking in browsers.
• Get takeaway tips on how your business should be preparing.
• Learn how Adobe is tackling this topic.

At this webinar, you will hear from Steve Allison, head of product marketing, audience, and data technologies, EMEA at Adobe.

To register or to find out more information about this webinar click here.

By Staff Writer.