Free Webinar Recording: Navigating Change in Africa with Oracle Cloud

IT leaders are meeting times of unprecedented change with even greater advances propelled by the use of the cloud to drive innovation, but as IT leaders shift their focus toward digital transformation initiatives, the need for a different type of cloud emerges. 

A cloud that’s easier to use, more cost-effective to own, and simpler to manage.

Oracle Cloud is the first cloud designed to deliver better performance, manageability, security, and efficiency to any workload and application, so your business can spend less time managing IT and more time innovating.

In this free recording of the webinar, you will hear from both Oracle and industry experts on how to move from short-term thinking to a long-term strategy that includes:

  • Overcoming IT challenges brought on by the pandemic with the cloud
  • Security-first Approach: Complying with data/privacy regulations
  • Cloud Economics
  • Transforming your cloud strategy
  • Leveraging the cloud for data speed and efficiency
  • The benefits that come with choosing a next-generation cloud 

Learn how IT leaders can reshape operations with automation, extract value from data, and reinforce their organization’s security for improved resiliency with Oracle Cloud.

Listen below to experience the webinar – Navigating Change in Africa with Oracle Cloud:

By Luis Monzon
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