Free Stratus Webinar: New Strategies for a ‘Digital Everything’ Future

When it comes to the world of work, 2020 will be remembered as a year that accelerated technological change. The recent “Cloud in Africa” report revealed that cloud technology was vital in helping businesses manage the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Among the common uses of the cloud was edge computing technology — a distributed model where computing takes place near the physical location that data is being collected and analyzed, rather than on a centralized server.

This innovation allowed organisations to maximise asset performance while also increasing the efficiency of employees and assets — which is especially key during a time when IT teams are trying to do more with less. 

To help more organisations implement a successful path towards a digital transformation journey, experts from Stratus and Schneider Electric have partnered with IT News Africa to unpack this new infrastructure.

Under the theme New Strategies for a ‘Digital Everything’ Future this free and innovative webinar will show you how edge computing can be leveraged correctly to help optimize your business efficiency.

Taking place virtually on 10 March 2021, attendees will learn why edge architectures are shaping the growth of digital transformation, the opportunities and challenges for edge computing solutions in Africa and the characteristics of today’s best practices at the edge.


Hear from expert speakers, including:

  • Pieter Van Der Merwe – Regional Manager Africa And Middle East, Stratus
  • Jonathan Duncan – Vice-President Anglophone Africa, Schneider Electric
  • Andre Hamman – CIO, NTT Motor Group

How to participate:

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