Ajala Hosts Webinar on Artificial Intelligence and African Enterprises

Ajala, a leading provider of speech technologies for African languages, is pleased to announce the third event in their “Artificial Intelligence & African Enterprises” series, focusing on Delivering Economic and Operational Gains.

The series examines the landscape of Artificial Intelligence solutions in the context of public and private African enterprises. Each webinar will address business and technological considerations relevant to African enterprises that have adopted or are considering adopting AI solutions as a part of their core business strategy. 

Thought leaders and experts will engage in topics ranging from operations, to policy, to economics and the technology underlying AI solutions and their relevance to African enterprises and consumers. Previous sessions include Data Privacy, Data Security and Policy Considerations (November 2020), Deployment and Integration: Managing AI Solutions in Practice (January 2021). 

The next session on Delivering Economic and Operational Gains will examine the potential impact AI can have on productivity in Africa, and will take place on March 23, 2021, at 11:00 AM WAT, featuring panellists:

Emeka A. Okoye, Founder, Cymantiks Nigeria Limited

Ade Atobatele, Founder, Gboza Gbosa Technology Limited

Chuks Okoriekwe, Lawyer and Legal Analyst, Levin College of Law, University of Florida

Omolabake Adenle, Founder, ajala, will moderate the panel discussion and provide an operator’s perspective on delivering AI solutions for African enterprises. “The webinars will provide a context to engage in substantive discussions on the growing AI landscape in Africa. We hope to facilitate discussions and shape perspectives that engage beyond jargon, and really consider what AI can mean for Africa and African enterprises.”

Register here to attend: http://bit.ly/ajala-ai-gains

For more information about the series: http://bit.ly/ajala-ai-landing

Staff writer