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All-Time Classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Released on Mobile

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Luis Monzon
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Video game and entertainment juggernaut Konami just released a mobile version of genre-defining side-scrolling action-RPG classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night without no announcement of warning, reports The Verge.

The game is currently available on both iOS and Android and costs $2.99 and includes zero in-app purchases – it’s the full game.

The mobile version seems to be based on the PS4 and PSP versions of the game rather than the original that released on PlayStation in 1997. The game feature support for external controllers, achievements and a “new continue feature.” It is also available in 6 languages, including English and Japanese.

Symphony of the Night was the first Castlevania game from video game luminary Koji Igarashi, switching the series’ focus from an action game to Metroid-style exploration and adventure. The game would release to massive critical and commercial success and influence countless subsequent games in its style with the genre tag line of “Metroidvanias” – named after the two-game series that inspired Symphony of the Night. Latest and greatest was last year’s excellent spiritual reimagining Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

It’s probable that the release of the mobile version of the game was timed with the release of the 3rd season of Netflix’s incredible Castlevania series, which is landing on 5 March.

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