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Benefits of Magento 2 Order Comment Extension

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Magento 2 order comment extension enables you to provide your customers with better service by allowing them to write an order-specific comment about a particular order at the time of checkout. This is one of the best ways of providing shipping flexibility to your customers. It is also essential if you sell certain products that rely on customer feedback when fulfilling an order.

The best thing with Magento 2 order comment extension is that it’s incredibly easy to use and the comment appears as the first one in the order comment history. You get to choose whether the customer receives a copy of their order comment via email or not.

Check out the following benefits of Magento 2 order comment extension;

Enhances the shopping experience

With Magento 2 order comment extension, customers get to add their comments about a particular order during the checkout process. It enhances their shopping experience by making them feel more involved. It assures them that what they think matters and that their needs will be addressed. This can be a significant boost for your store as it can translate to loyalty from your customers in the long-run.

It has a responsive support design

If you are running a store, the last thing you need is some of your customers feeling like they are being left out. You want everyone on board with all your undertakings. That’s why Magento 2 order comment extension is fully responsive to different mobile devices. Its compatibility allows all your customers to leave their comments when they want using whatever device they have. What’s even better is that the order comment box looks fantastic irrespective of the device type and the screen size. 

Improves the checkout process

One of the things you ought to pay attention to at your store is the checkout process. You want everything to run as smoothly as possible. When customers are continually complaining, it means that you are doing something wrong, and that can hurt your productivity. By using Magento 2 order comment extension, you get to improve the checkout process by going through the order comments. From there, you can make all the necessary changes to ensure everyone is happy with the service they are getting.

It’s easy to configure

The good thing with Magento 2 order comment extension is that you can show or hide the order comment on the customer account. You can also read the order comment from the sales. The order comment appears at the order grid and view page. 

If you are running a business, you must understand what your customers think about your products. Get to know if they wish to comment on something that aims at improving their overall shopping experience. Remember, as a seller, you have to take care of your customers. That doesn’t only include providing quality products to them, but it also involves paying attention to their special requests or comments.

Magento 2 order comment extension enables you to know what your customers think through their comments during the checkout process. It provides an excellent tool that can increase the productivity of your business remarkably.

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