UK launches new online visa application for South Africans

UK launches new online visa application for South Africans
UK launches new online visa application for South Africans

Applying for a visa for your next visit to the UK just became a lot easier.

Through Access UK, customers are now able to book their visa application centre appointment, scan and upload their supporting documentation from the comfort of their own home, and purchase any additional services which are intended to enhance their experience in one continuous journey.

Customers can continue to upload documents to support their application up until the day of their appointment. This development means that the majority of customers no longer have to submit their original documentation, though customers will still need to provide their passport in order for a vignette to be placed, should they be granted a visa.

This service is being rolled out worldwide and is available now in South Africa, Lesotho and eSwatini.

Features of the new digital visa application service:

  • the service is available on mobile devices, enabling application forms to be completed on smartphones or tablets, making it more convenient for the customer
  • the application is often more concise and quicker to complete, as questions are only asked when they are relevant to a customer’s previous answers
  • customers can review, edit and download their partially completed application at any point before submission, making it simpler to check, edit and update responses as required
  • the application fee is displayed in the appropriate local currency, making it easier to understand the overall cost
  • customers will now transition smoothly through the application process to booking their appointment at their chosen VAC to submit their biometrics, without having to visit multiple online sites; the vast majority of customers will be able to self-upload their supporting evidence, and customers will be able to easily select and pay for additional services to suit their needs

Access UK means visa customers can:

  • make visa applications using an intuitive online form
  • use checklists and steps which list the evidence required to make an application
  • upload all required documentation themselves, up until the day of their appointment
  • make changes to their application at any moment
  • conveniently select a standard, priority or super-priority service (where available)
  • and apply flexibly using any mobile device

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