Lego Boost rolls out computer coding for kid

December 4, 2018 • Education, Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

Lego Boost gives kids a taste of coding

As we move closer to digital transformation and with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning it’s essential that kids learn how to code.

Toy production company, Lego has rolled out the first kit in the Lego Boost range that is designed to teach kids age seven to 12 years old the basics of computer programming. This “creative toolbox” features various models to build and control via a mobile application.

The Lego Boost box comprises 840 pieces that can be used to alternately build different models, such as a robot, a cat and a guitar. Using the included motor and various sensors, the models then come to life once connected to a smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. The Lego Boost mobile app then offers a series of activities in relation to the model.

It is even possible to bring to life other Lego models by attaching the motor and using the mobile app. The Stormbringer dragon from the Ninjago collection, for example, can be made to move its tail and head in different ways and make various noises.

The Lego Boost creative toolbox is out now priced $159.99. The Lego Boost app is available to download free of charge from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

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