Facebook Messenger rolls out new camera features

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Facebook Messenger rolls out new camera features

Facebook Messenger has a lot of features baked into it, and now it’s getting a couple more, along with some changes to Stickers.

The social media platform has confirmed that Messenger is getting a new selfie mode, along with support for the looping video feature Boomerang. The selfie mode will actually automatically blur the background of an image you’re looking to capture, making sure that the person, or persons, in the foreground are the focal point.

In addition to making it easier to navigate between camera modes – Normal, Video, Text, and now Selfie – Text mode now has more font options and background color possibilities.

What’s more, Facebook is building some augmented reality features into its Sticker sets. You will now be able to emphasize the old stickers that you’ve been able to send in Messenger for quite some time, giving them a bit more life as they meld with the real world.

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