10 Tech gifts under R200 that are actually useful

10 Tech gifts under R200 that are actually useful
10 Tech gifts under R200 that are actually useful

Christmas is peeking around the corner, so it’s time to get those last minute gift ideas down before it’s too late. As far as tech gifts go, it’s hard to find something useful without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, IT News Africa has compiled a list of 10 tech gifts under R200 that are actually useful and that your friends and family will find themselves using almost every day. After all, there’s no better way to cement yourself in their hearts than giving them something that becomes a part of a daily routine.


Power bank

1. Power bank

The amount of work we demand from our smart devices on a daily basis is taxing. It’s no wonder that they can easily start flashing that low battery message before noon. A power bank will prove itself tremendously useful just when you need it. Just keep it charged like your other devices, and it won’t let you down.


Travel adapter

2. Travel adapter

Plugs are annoying enough as is. Now imagine not having the right fitting in a foreign country and you really need to charge a phone that is on 3% battery life but you don’t want to fry its circuitry because the country’s power points put out a different wattage than your own. A universal adapter, or at least one that covers different continents, will take away some of the stress that comes with travelling and hopefully keep from damaging your devices.


Carphone mount

3. Phone mounts

Phones were made to be mounted. On walls, in cars, on top of desks… They are the sunflowers of devices that always need to be facing us and not lying down flat on a surface. Magnetic car mounts are especially popular, while others will slot into air vents or CD players. If all else fails, the classic suction cup option is always there for you.


Flash Drive

4. Flash drives

Someone somewhere is always looking for a flash drive. Always have one handy for moments like those. A novelty one that you can keep on keychain turns a kind of boring essential into something fun.




Phone Wallet

5. Phone wallets

A lot of people are skipping the bulky handbag thing these days. All you really need is your phone and some money anyway. A phone wallet turns both of those into one nifty package that you can just slip into your pocket. It can keep cards and cash tucked snugly into a pocket right on the back of your phone.


Phone ring

6. Phone rings

Put a ring on it… They’re not just a trend, they’re also a legitimately comfortable way to prop up your phone while you’re watching a video or a show. They also lower the odds of you dropping your phone during a call if you slip a finger through it.



Cable organiser (Photo Credit: Superbalist)

7. Cable organisers

Cables are notorious for getting tangled. Put something inside a bag and you’re sure to remove it in a mass of knots and twists. Avoid this by getting a cable organiser. Some simply roll up your wires like a yo-yo while others retract them for you.



Rechargeable batteries

8. Rechargeable batteries

Batteries run out. It’s a sad fact of life. Why keep buying new ones when you can just recharge the old ones though? They’re infinitely useful in a time when we need to reach for a flashlight almost every other night. Toys, lights, cameras, and other small devices… They all need batteries. Buying a pack of rechargeables and a charger will pay for themselves in the long run.


Cable cover (Photo Credit: Superbalist)

9. Wire protectors

Not all charging wires are made the same, so to avoid that weird turtleneck effect when your charger takes too much wear and tear, get a wire cover that will keep it working for longer.




Screen cleaning kit

10. Screen cleaning kit

Screens get dirty. It’s a fact. Greasy fingers and dirty surfaces will make contact with them eventually. A screen cleaning kit will help you make sure that the worst of the grime stays away from your devices. The simplest kind will come with a microfibre cloth and either a cleaning solution designed specifically for smartphone screens or an antistatic spray.

By Daniëlle Kruger
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