Email security essential in the digital age

Email security essential in the digital age
Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex

Email security essential in the digital age
Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex

A relationship that began many years ago with the migration of the Syrex secure email gateway services to Mimecast has evolved into a partnership for the future as companies need to become increasingly cyber resilient to protect themselves against malicious email attacks, says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

“The advanced product features of Mimecast that include internal email protect, archiving, and additional file sending, combined with its technical support mean we have an offering that provides comprehensive protection for organisations of all sizes in the current digital environment.”

Berndt says that while many companies are embracing digital transformation, few consider adapting their cybersecurity solutions to reflect the increasingly sophisticated threats decision-makers face daily.

“Security is as much about being pro-active as it is about dealing with compromises when they occur. Safeguarding email should be the first line of defence as this is still the most prevalent form of electronic communication today. Protecting this communication channel is fundamental to doing business in and outside the organisation. If it is compromised, the risk of data and intellectual property being lost or taken hostage increases significantly,” says Berndt.

This is especially relevant in the cloud-driven business landscape.

“Cloud-based email filtering provides organisations with a highly effective approach to mitigate against many of the dominant cyber threats today. Combining our local experience in security operations with the Mimecast value proposition, puts us in a strong position to offer customers a comprehensive cyber resilient approach.”

Traditionally, smaller businesses could not afford enterprise-class email protection. However, the Mimecast S1 solution addresses this as well as provide added benefits such as signature management.

“S1 gives entrepreneurs and SMEs in South Africa access to a cost-effective solution that can scale as their business grows. With the regulatory environment putting pressure on companies to ensure the integrity of their data, no business can afford not to have protection. Working with Mimecast, we ensure that the foundation is established for a cyber resilient organisation.”

Email security is considered a good starting point due to its external cloud nature and how reliant organisations are on its efficiency.

“This means that email security is no longer limited to protecting companies on-premise. With more cloud-based solutions available than ever, it is vital that service and solutions providers work together to strengthen their strategic partnerships and deliver an integrated offering. Syrex and Mimecast have a strong relationship and are well-positioned to continue building on it for the future as more companies start embracing the digital age,” he concludes.

Edited by Daniëlle Kruger
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