Old Mutual, Amazon Web Services introduce next generation digital solutions

Time to act on digital transformation
Time to act on digital transformation
Old Mutual, Amazon Web Services partner to introduce next generation digital solutions
Old Mutual, Amazon Web Services partner to introduce next generation digital solutions. (Image Source: http://ebooks.capgemini-consulting.com/)

Old Mutual is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring a series of innovative services to the markets in which the company operates.

Vuyo Mpako, Chief Digital & Data Officer at Old Mutual, says working with AWS allows the financial services giant to bring innovation and agility for emerging markets to life. “Working with AWS, coupled with the implementation of Agile methodology in how we work, is helping us bring tailor-made and fit-for-purpose solutions to our markets at an accelerated pace.

“The Old Mutual chatbot, currently available on www.oldmutual.co.za, is one of the first solutions in a series to be delivered over the coming months. The chatbot is the first step into conversational artificial intelligence (AI) that is leveraging the myriad of innovative solutions like Amazon Lex, a service for building conversational interfaces using voice and text. Going forward we will see the automation of many of our digital propositions and respond to the needs of our customers in real time. This ultimately results in a better user experience for our customers as we work toward helping them do great things every day,” added Mpako.

In addition to benefitting from AWS’s scalability and flexibility, the company expects significant cost saving due to a reduction in time-to-market and efficiencies.

“We’ve assessed a number of cloud offerings and believe AWS offers the most comprehensive and mature collection of services. The reduction in costs for upfront investment in new solutions, as well as hardware maintenance allows for the delivery of next-generation digital solutions,” he added.

Mpako concluded, “We will continue to engage, attract, and partner with our customers offering new ways for them to connect with our vibrant brand. Our business and markets we serve can be confident that our propositions are backed by world-class digital solutions and cutting-edge technology.”

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