Kaspersky Lab recognised for online banking security excellence by MRG Effitas

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Kaspersky Lab recognised for online banking security excellence by MRG Effitas
Kaspersky Lab recognised for online banking security excellence by MRG Effitas

Kaspersky Internet Security has surpassed a host of rival solutions to receive the annual MRG Effitas Online Banking/Browser Security Award 2017/18 after consistently passing quarterly banking certification tests across a 12-month period. The award emphasises the solution’s reliability and efficiency against a growing raft of financial threats and highlights Kaspersky Lab’s prowess when compared to its biggest competitors. This is the fourth time in a row that the company’s products have received this award.

With over three-quarters (79%) of consumers using a device to bank online and 82% of us regularly paying for goods or services online, securing financial transactions from cyberthreats has never been more crucial for today’s users. To help consumers take the right steps to protect themselves, MRG Effitas evaluates the quality and ability of security solutions to protect users and their money from the ever-growing financial threats, awarding worthy solutions with a vendor-independent certification.

Kaspersky Internet Security stood up to the rigors of numerous ‘in-the-wild’ financial malware and botnet tests in the last three quarters of 2017, and Q1 of 2018 to achieve certification. The product was put through its paces in real-life scenarios where online banking transactions and shopping could become compromised by financial malware.

During the process, Kaspersky Internet Security dispensed with numerous botnets which were prevalent within the cyberthreat landscape and could cause consumers a real headache if not detected and blocked. These included modified TinyNuke and Zeus clones, and a DoublePulsar backdoor with Peddlecheap keylogger.

Simulator tests also saw Kaspersky Internet Security deal with attacks on system functionalities which could impact and modify key device processes if allowed to take hold. These included Powershell webinject and intercept, API Hooking, browser TLS extract and dissect, and ETW debug log trace and extract.

Timur Biyachuev, VP, Threat Research at Kaspersky Lab said, “With the number and complexity of financial threats continuing to grow, it is more important than ever that people have access to powerful and consistently proven solutions in order to protect themselves when shopping and banking online. Our security solution has repeatedly passed tough, independent tests set by MRG Effitas over an extended period of time and achieving the overall annual award is testament to the evolving nature of Kaspersky Internet Security to cope with ever-increasing threats on financial transactions.”

The Safe Money feature within Kaspersky Internet Security provides users with an additional layer of protection when shopping or banking online. Whether you are paying for goods by credit card, making a bank transfer or using PayPal, the Safe Money feature gives peace of mind that every transaction is secure and that financial details and personal information are protected from cyberthreats.

The MRG Effitas award is testament to the proven capabilities of Kaspersky Lab products, which have been demonstrated consistently in independent tests, making ours the most tested and awarded on the market.

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