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How Blossom Academy nurtures data science talent in West Africa

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How Blossom Academy nurtures data science talent in West Africa
Jephthah Acheampong, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Blossom Academy.

Blossom Academy, a data science talent accelerator company in Ghana that recruits students from several West African universities to participate in its data science training program.

According to Country Director Larbi Adjei-Lawrence, the year-long training program is composed of three main experiences, which map to each 14-week trimester of the program. A total of 1,200 clock hours are required and fellows graduate with a portfolio and resume of real-world experience in any industry of their choosing.

The talent accelerator, on the other hand, chose Data Analytics and Business Intelligence as its first major. This is because after speaking with hundreds of employers across dozens of industries, they identified a tremendous gap in skilled, available talent in those areas. Data Analytics also came up as a job in high demand across industries and one in which competency could be clearly demonstrated.

In exchange for the year-long training program, Blossom Academy requires its graduates to commit to working as contract data analysts for the analytics division of the company for two years. During this phase, graduates sharpen their skill sets along with industry certification and continuing data science education. They also help Blossom’s partner companies – spanning the financial services, retail, and healthcare sectors – visualize their data to extract meaningful insights, personalize their products and services, and reduce costs associated with recruiting, training, and mis-hiring.

Blossom Academy accommodates university graduates from statistics, software engineering, and actuary science disciplines to gain the real-world technical and soft skills they need for a career in data science. According to IBM, the demand for data scientists will grow 37% by 2020. Now, leading tech startups can work with trained data analytics distributed team members so they can obsess about providing value for their customers.

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