Grundfos’ Sustainable Intelligence Hub brightens the future of water management

June 25, 2018 • Internet of Things, Mining & Energy, Southern Africa, Top Stories

Grundfos' Sustainable Intelligence Hub brightens the future of water management

Grundfos’ Sustainable Intelligence Hub brightens the future of water management

Last week, as part of an industry open day, Grundfos South Africa hosted the Sustainable Intelligence Hub exhibition, a high-tech showcase on how intelligent technology and digital solutions can play an important role in solving the world’s water and climate challenges. The exhibition was all about experiencing the future of water management through interactive digital experiences, such as virtual and augmented reality, touchscreens devices, and the Internet of Things or IoT.

The Sustainable Intelligence Hub, the first of its kind on the African continent, is aimed at Grundfos business partners, employees, customers, and other curious members of the public, like engineering students. The idea behind it all is to highlight Grundfos’ intelligent products and services, and help businesses across various sectors optimise performance while improving sustainability.

At this open day, the company hosted customers, agents and media at its offices in Johannesburg where they could experience the exhibition by using their smartphones to interact with Grundfos equipment installed for the exhibition as a demonstration of the power of the industrial Internet of Things, including remote control and monitoring.

There were also videos and other interactive content to highlight how the intelligence built into the Grundfos product range will enable smarter, more reliable and more efficient ways of moving water to where it is supposed to go in the future. A select group of media was also given a tour of the facility to get a glimpse at the day-to-day operations surrounding pump maintenance and deployment, as well as how exactly the building achieved its 5-star green rating.

[], leading a tour of the facility

Dr. Rishaad Ebrahim, SSA Director of Service, leading a tour of the facility

“With sustainability and positive social impact at the core of our business, Grundfos helps to solve global clean water challenges, aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals. With recent droughts in many parts of the country, South Africans know the value of water and the essential part it plays in sustaining human lives and economies,” says Henning Sandager, regional head for Grundfos in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The exhibition is a way for us to ask questions about how we can improve sustainability of water through innovative, intelligent technologies. It’s a way to start an industry dialogue and to explore how connected technology will reshape the way we move water to the people and facilities that need it in the years to come.”


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