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Cisco Live 2018: Applications are the lifeblood of an organisation

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Cisco Live 2018: Applications are the lifeblood of an organisation
Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Cloud Platform and Solutions, Kip Compton.

Cloud solutions are the best way to write applications and enterprises have seen that there is a rapid pace of innovation, easier deployment and evolution of applications in the cloud, so said Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Cloud Platform and Solutions, Kip Compton at the Cisco Live taking place in Orlando Florida from 10 – 14 June 2018.

“What we are seeing is that enterprises have a lot of capabilities that cannot move to the cloud for regulatory reasons, that’s because they want to take advantage of investments they have already made on premise or because of data privacy, they need to be able to take advantage of the environments of on-premise as well as on the cloud”, Compton said.

Compton says that hybrid cloud is crucial to overall multi-cloud environment in the industry. He says it explains why 87 percent of customers from the survey conducted by Cisco and IDC saw hybrid cloud as a platform for business. “It is that environment that lead Cisco and Google Cloud see a fantastic opportunity, “We felt that between our two companies, we have a unique set of capabilities to address this challenge for enterprises. We announced this solution because we felt like between the two companies, we could offer something really unique to enterprises to help solve the problem,” Compton added.

According to Compton Cloud enables developers to develop and deploy anywhere, he says that developers prefer developing in the cloud because it is easier for them to access and it offers tools they are familiar with. “Even with things you run on-premise they prefer to run online, there’s a consistent environment that enables them to develop where it makes sense and deploy where it makes sense”, he said.

Addressing the benefits of the cloud for developers, Compton said, “It enables them to innovate on their own terms. This is not a solution that is about lifting or shifting workloads, it is about all or nothing.”

Compton says that enterprise environment is complex and advised enterprises to move and move at their own terms. He said, “We think solutions like the one we offer, give customers the flexibility to migrate on their own terms, in their own pace.”

We think Software Defined Operations (SDO) open source programme is an incredible technology for the future, it is an open source service match and we believe it will help enterprises.

Cisco announced the Cisco container platform in January, an on-premise Kubernetes which was a collaborated with Google Cloud. This partnership was in a bid to ensure that the companies provide a completely consistent environment with Google Kubernetes Environment (GKE) a part of Google Cloud. The solution is available now.

In March, Cisco Stealthwatch which provides pervasive network visibility and sophisticated security analytics for advanced protection across the extended network and cloud was made available on Google Cloud. “The solution helps customers secure their workloads. We are able to secure workloads on-premise and also in the cloud as they move to hybrid,” said Compton.

“You are going to see Cisco continue to bring Kubernetes and tailored support across the full suite. We are really excited about what the rest of the year is going to bring,” concluded Compton.

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