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Microsoft Tech Summit 2018: Moving to the modern workplace with 365

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Microsoft Tech Summit 2018: moving to the modern workplace with office 365
Microsoft Tech Summit 2018: moving to the modern workplace with office 365

On Tuesday 13 February 2018, Microsoft hosted its annual Tech Summit at the Cape Town International Conference Center (CTICC). The conference saw IT professionals and developers converge as it aimed to show them the necessary skills and knowledge that they would need in order to take advantage of Microsoft’s offerings.

The first Keynote speaker of the day was Kim Kischel, Product Manager Office 365 at Microsoft. Kischel eloquently unpacked how effectively using Office 365 could help in the evolution to achieving a modern workplace.

“We are looking to help every organisation achieve more. By 2020 millennials will make up 50% of the workplace. They are looking for a more agile, open and collaborative workplace. They will become a mobile workforce, but will need the right tools to shift away from wasting time on routine tasks,” said Kischel.

This is where Microsoft 365 comes in, according to Kischel. The package has now evolved into an integrated solution combining Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise mobility and security. This new solution, according to Kischel, will aid in collaboration, working in teams and networks, increasing productivity and giving employees a sense of purpose through their work.

The Microsoft 365 package is based on four main pillars:

  1. Unlock creativity
  2. Built for teamwork
  3. Integrated for simplicity
  4. Intelligent security

Unlock creativity

The solution will look to offer users with the potential to:

  • Create content using intelligent apps
  • Work naturally with ink, voice and touch
  • Visualise information in new ways
  • Connect the experience across devices and platforms (IOS/ Android)

Built for teamwork

Allow users to collaborate as a team by providing them with the ability to:

  • Connect to various people, content and apps through SharePoint
  • Voice, video and chat with Microsoft Teams
  • Open developer platform
  • Universal toolkit with the right tools for the right tasks

Integrated for simplicity

Looking to democratise technology by simplifying processes through:

  • Easy set up with Windows Autopilot
  • Comprehensive management of entire workforce through analytics
  • Minimise time across deployment, management and servicing
  • Broad support

Intelligent security

“It is impossible for a human to keep up with security we need the help of intelligent applications to keep us ahead,” according to Kischel. The package looks to provide this through:

  • Identity and access management
  • Information protection
  • Threat protection
  • Security management
  • Compliance manager

“We can not separate security and user experience and that is why we have developed all three products together. We are trying to change behaviour and culture to allow people to perform better in a digital world,” concluded Lionel Moyal, Office Business Group Lead at Microsoft South Africa.

By Dean Workman
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