Rocket League and Warner Bros. partner up for updated retail release

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Rocket League and Warner Bros. Partner Up for Updated Retail Release

Rocket League and Warner Bros. Partner Up for Updated Retail Release.

Rocket League has been on the sidelines of the esports world as of late, often overshadowed by other more prominent games like Dota, LoL, and Overwatch. However, it’s still one of the most successful online games to date by selling over a million retail copies thanks to their previous distributor, 505 games, and countless digital copies.

On the other hand, it seems that Psyonix has bigger plans for its flagship game because they have recently partnered up with Warner Bros. for all future physical releases of the beloved car-on-car soccer action. In fact, this isn’t Psyonix’s first foray into the breach with Warner Bros. as they’ve already collaborated in 2016 for Batman vs. Superman related DLC for Rocket League. Seeing the potential of the partnership to further the needs of Rocket League and probably the possibility to get lots of money, both companies decided to go further.

The future “updated” releases will be handled by Warner Bros. from now on, indicating that there will be significant content releases for Rocket League in the future, although it’s entirely unclear as to what those might be. The bigger question is this: will it impact Rocket League Trading or, at the least, how Rocket League Crates will be handled? New content on console or just merely a new physical disc release of the game will certainly include many new things, but what about those who have digital copies? A new partnership like this may create financial regimes that players have to adjust to like having more varied RNG content or locked DLC to match physical copies.

Of course, this is merely grasping at straws as no one knows what is in store for the community with this partnership. It can be agreed upon that Warner Bros. aims to make Rocket League more accessible to a broader audience and perhaps, even being able to compete in the esports industry better with a more substantial fanbase. Nonetheless, without two companies making new moves, only time will tell if this change will pay off in the end.

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