Mobile app launched to aid Deeds Office manual process

Mobile app launched to aid Deeds Office manual process
Mobile app launched to aid Deeds Office manual process.

Software as Service company e4 has launched DeedScanner, a mobile app that works with its Case Management Workflow solution, Deeds, in a bid to manage the flow and status of lodged documents.

Clive Bredenkamp, development manager, e4 says that DeedScanner enables a lodging agent to electronically communicate progress updates on transactions in the Deeds Office: “Previously, the process was done manually or via an in-house scanning device, which was not convenient. Once DeedScanner is downloaded onto a Smartphone, IOS or Android, the process of gaining progress updates is done in a matter of minutes using the barcode supplied by the Deeds Office.”

He says that the Deeds product has been in operation for over ten years and that the “Majority of the Deeds offices are still running manually, making processes extremely time-consuming and potentially expensive too. The launch of DeedScanner in conjunction with Deed, will assist attorneys in keeping clients updated in a far more accurate and efficient timeframe. There are often between 30 and 50 matters for one client alone, so we are excited about this development and the role it will play in the overall plan to electronically empower the Deeds office and better assist attorneys.”

Simplistically, the user will scan using a mobile device or manually enter a Deeds Office barcode to retrieve the e4 application details. The app will display a summary view of the transaction details linked to that barcode: “This instantaneously gives users the ability to submit a status update on single or multiple transactions. These status changes will be updated immediately and sent to the relevant attorney or correspondent office via Deeds”, says Bredenkamp.

The user is also allowed to update any transactional fee related to Deeds Office costs. DeedScanner has further utilised the device technology to enable the user to take photos of the file or the rejection notes. These images are uploaded to the e4 transaction, or emailed to integrated platforms via the device. “This is especially handy for the attorney so that they can immediately report and communicate minor issues or rejection notes pertaining to a transaction, says Bredenkamp.

He says that on the back of its successful workflow solution, Deeds, e4 are looking forward to the day when the Deeds Office is fully electronic. While the matters are electronically captured, the actual file is still handled manually in paper-form: “The app eliminates the manual feedback process, where people communicate with handwritten lists, multiple phone calls and even faxes. DeedScanner instantly communicates this information through the e4 platform to all relevant parties. It also saves both the attorney and client money by reducing duplicate searches and the costs related to that activity.”

Edited by Fundisiwe Maseko
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