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Top 3 myths about using Netflix

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3 Myths About Netflix Using
3 myths about using Netflix

From the very beginning, Netflix has been one of the most doubtful and mysterious websites in the world. The site, for a small subscription fee, allows clients to watch their favourite movies, TV programs and series off of a connected device and in any amount they like.

Some people think of it as a great way of spending lonely evenings, others, however, don’t believe in the free cheese. The conflict between these two groups has given birth to the 3 very specific myths concerning the use of Netflix and the content it streams.

3 Myths About Netflix:

1. Geographic restrictions
If I am not the resident of a country where a particular TV series is allowed, can I get access to it? Today geographic restrictions are not a problem for lovers of professional cinematography. You can apply various techniques including VPNs and proxy servers (read more here to learn how to do this) and it will not be illegal. Netflix continues fighting against these tools so don’t be surprised if your account is blocked for improper content use, it’s a catch 22 situation at the end of the day.

2. Netflix offers the same content to all users
This is 100% false, while one country’s resident can watch some programs, a resident of another country may not have access to that same program. The platform cooperates with governments of different countries, locally restricting access to video files and programs, which are restricted in that particular region.

3. Browsing geo-restricted Netflix channels is a crime:
Don’t think that infringement of your country’s geo-policy will lead you to jail. Neither usage of VPN, nor watching your favourite movies is a crime. But don’t forget that while watching geo-restricted Netflix content, you act against its policies. You will not appear behind the grid but it is possible that your account will be blocked (with the money you paid for subscription).

Am I Right to Use Netflix with VPN?
Don’t think that if someone visits Netflix using virtual private networks that their account will be immediately blocked. It is important to understand that many people use a VPN to browse the Internet anonymously. This is so that cyber fraudster can’t track your activities. If your account is blocked it is not because you are using a VPN, but rather because of what you do while on that site. If you use the same account but come with different IP and watch restricted TV series, expect that your subscription will soon be rejected. So even if you think that everything is alright and you still want to watch that series, think twice before accessing restricted content.

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