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Microsoft To Empower Nonprofits In Nigeria

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Microsoft aim to empower and aid Nonprofit organisations.

In an attempt to aid and accelerate the adoption of technology among Nonprofit organisations in Nigeria, Microsoft have reaffirmed their commitment to Nonprofits by providing them with the necessary technology which will enable them to find more creative ways to solve some of the biggest challenges that plagues humanity.

According to reports by Nigerian Communications Week, This was the message put forth at Microsoft Tech4Good event held at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja which was attended by over eighty Nonprofits in attendance.

Limited resources and the difficult decision between investing in IT infrastructure and investing in programs to support the communities that they serve, is a challenge that faces Nonprofits around the world. With this in mind Microsoft created the Technology for Good program to empower every nonprofit to achieve more.

According to 4Traders, Tope Ogundipe, director of Programs at Paradigm Initiative, during the opening address explained the objectives behind the Tech4Good day. She emphasized the need for Non Profits to make excellent use of technological tools to enhance their productivity.

“The importance of having a coherent social media communication strategy cannot be overemphasized. It is important for Non Profits to communicate regularly with the public in a way that appeals to people’s emotion and spur them to action,” Ogundipe said.

Microsoft is proud to donate our software and cloud services to nonprofits around the world every day to help achieve their missions and change the world faster.

Speaking, Olusola Amusan, philanthropies lead for Microsoft Nigeria, noted that Microsoft is investing assets to drive greater inclusion and empowerment of people who do not haveaccess to technology and the opportunities it offers.

According to him, “Microsoft has built a foundation of giving and seeking new ways to achieve greater outcomes for a broader segment of the world’s population for over 30 years. In Nigeria, through our software donation program, we have donated over $2 million of software in the past 5 years with over $500,000 in the past year alone. In cash grants, we have donated more than $500,000 for Youth related projects and NGO events. Over the next 2 years we want to give access to 1,000 NGOs in Nigeria.”

“Last year, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced that, Microsoft would donate $1billion in cloud computing resources over the next three years to serve 70,000 non-profit and non-government organisations worldwide. The motive is that at Microsoft, we consider Philanthropy as a very important aspect of our operation. Businesses, governments and NGOs are expected come together to harness the cloud for public good and ensure that the benefits of technology are shared as widely as possible,” Mr Amusan said.

Microsoft helps nonprofits do more good with Microsoft’s cloud technology, which simplifies organizations’ IT challenges through a trustworthy, modern cloud-based solution.

During the event, Microsoft announced that itwill give $5,000 of Microsoft Azure cloud credit to registered NGOs in Nigeria and organize a Cloud Immersion Experience session on how to use all the services and products donated.

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