6 Rules of Disruption- Dell EMC Forum

March 13, 2017 • Cloud Computing, Events, Southern Africa, Top Stories

Dell EMC Forum 2017

Dell EMC Forum 2017

At the recent Dell EMC Forum hosted in Johannesburg on the 9th of March, keynote speaker Nigel Moulton, gave his address to the attentive audience on the 6 rules for disruption.

Moulton, who is the CTO, Converged Platforms and Solutions Division at Dell EMC, discussed how the world has changed, with what used to be considered as science fiction now fast becoming reality. Moulton in his address emphasised how in this hybrid cloud world where agile startups can threaten big enterprises, it is important for businesses to understand the various characteristics of disruption

6 rules of disruption.

6 rules of disruption.

Here is Moulton’s 6 rules for disruption:

1) The Interface is everywhere:

Moulton emphasized just how the interface between man and machine is changing. Interface used to entail the use of buttons, then it became touch screen and now – voice. How people interact with their devices/machine’s could change everything according to Moulton.

2) Remove the friction:  

Small startups now have the ability to compete with big enterprises as they have cracked the code of simplicity by developing specialized Apps according to Moulton. These Apps make it easier to do business and as consumers are constantly looking out for options which will make their lives easier these Apps are their preferred option. So by using specialized Apps, businesses can remove the friction which costs them customers.

3) Embracing non-linearity:

As technology develops and the number of connected devices and people who use these devices continue to increase, there is an exponential rise in operating numbers. Moulton argues that businesses should embrace this non-linearity of growth and all the opportunities which it could provide.

4) Prepare for abundance:

Moulton highlighted that the problem for businesses has moved from one of scarcity where not many people had access to platforms and technologies, specifically in an African context; to one of abundance where there is now a large number of people with access to the very same technologies.

5) Be honest:

In the age of hacks and leaks any possible dirty laundry you have will be found out and released to the world. Moulton said it is thus important to be honest and transparent about your businesses dealings.

6) Be curious:

In today’s world where technological advancements and consumers’ needs are constantly evolving, Moulton emphasises the importance of being curious and interacting with possibilities and opportunities which could help your business adapt and thrive.

By Dean Workman



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