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Datacentrix awarded contract by Deloitte Africa

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Datacentrix contracted by Delloit to provide the delivery of a robust end user computing platform.
Datacentrix contracted by Delloit to provide the delivery of a robust end user computing platform.

Datacentrix has been awarded a three-year contract by Deloitte Africa, for the delivery of a robust end user computing platform to its offices in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

According to Avi Padayachee, IT Africa integration manager for Deloitte Africa, while the type of workstation technology selected by Deloitte Africa was important, a key consideration for the agreement was the assurance of next business day repair to the 250 Lenovo laptops selected.

“In Central Africa, there is no such thing as a distributor that can provide a three-year service level agreement as well as having access to a broad range of technology. In each country, there are smaller shops that focus solely on one brand, but typically they do not have original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreements in place and cannot commit to the type of service level agreement (SLA) required by Deloitte.”

It was based on these requirements, Padayachee explains, that Deloitte Africa approached Datacentrix to see whether a similar agreement as that set up between the two companies in South Africa could be replicated for Central Africa.

“Deloitte has an exceptional reputation for delivering the highest quality of services, and Datacentrix’ understanding of this ethic means that our working philosophies and business values are highly complementary,” he adds. “Our long-term partnership has meant that Datacentrix has become a trusted advisor of Deloitte Africa.”

In order to meet the stringent SLA requirements, Datacentrix has partnered with a Pan-African IT products and services distributor able to deliver services across 35 African countries, particularly within the Central, East, West African (CEWA) regions. Through this agreement, says Datacentrix account manager, Venesia Oxford, Deloitte Africa now has access to a number of different vendor brands and as well as a next business day SLA.

“This end-to-end agreement means that Datacentrix is able to provide Deloitte Africa with the hands-on technical skills required for service delivery within these regions.

“Datacentrix has been engaged with Deloitte for a number of years and is a valued customer, so it has been a privilege to expand our mutually beneficial relationship beyond South Africa’s borders,” Oxford adds.


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