How Technology is Enabling Artists in Every Country to Get the Recognition They Deserve

screen-shot-2016-09-20When you look at the world as a whole it is relatively a large place. With approximately 7 billion people occupying the planet it is easy to feel as though you do not matter to the overall population. Artists are especially sensitive to this because they have an underlying desire to be among the great artists of the world such as Van Gough and Picasso. The thought of having your work on display for the world to see and appreciate as well as the concept of allowing your passion to be your main career is truly a remarkable goal and for many artists of the past it was simply unreachable. We however live in an age where you are no longer separated by oceans from your perspective fans. The artist of today can find a friend in technology that can launch his or her career like never before.

The Power of Social Media
Social media has enabled people from all walks of life to connect through the simple act of a friend request. Not only are people meeting new people, but also being able to connect with people that they may have not seen for a long time. It can be quite a powerful resource for many aspects of both social as well as our business lives, but the struggling artist a world away can also benefit from the power of social media.

Through social media sites anyone can market their art pieces to the virtual world. There is no need to set up high end meeting with clients because they are attracted to the artist by the simple act of seeing the pieces for themselves. The walls of the socially accepted have been torn down and people are now free to explore their true passions when it comes to the art they want. The simple act of contacting the artist will allow them to have access to original art pieces and gives the artist the ability to rise above the starving artist mindset that those of the past have been forced to endure.

Websites for All
There was a time in the beginning of the internet revolution where the thought of having your very own website meant that you had to either pay top dollar for the ability to virtually display your goods or you had to resort to the very unprofessional and difficult to use homemade websites. Thankfully, that time is over. It is within the power of every person on the planet to have access to their very own website if they so choose.

The overall costs involved in web design have been greatly reduced because the new programs for website building are not limited by the highly complex coding that plagued the industry in the beginning. These new programs enable websites to be built in a fraction of the time and have much more options for both the customer as well as the website designer. Should the artist possess the ability to utilize one of these programs or simply use one of the online website design tools that are often free, they can essentially build their own website to display their artwork as they see fit. The amount of flexibility will allow everyone from novice artists all the way up to those who have already made their career to have a much easier time reaching their audience and making sales.

Other Artists Mediums
When we think of the traditional artist we often close our minds off to any other medium apart from the standard painting and sculpture work. The artist is no longer put into these very restrictive sectors. Art is much more than just the piece we hand in our sitting room or the conversation piece we have in our foyer. People are now living in art pieces produced by both well-known and new to the market architects.

Architecture is certainly not a new form of art, but it has certainly grown from the original utilitarian form of building buildings. Architects throughout the world are creating works of art that are both functional as well as eye catching. The ability to create something that people will spend a majority of their time in. The old hand crafted models are also being done away with through 3D models being able to be produced faster than ever before giving the architect an edge on the traditional competition.
The art world is full of individuals that are looking to break the mold of the standard way of living. They are the people who have the vision to create and the mind to see those creations influence the world. The art world is no longer limited to certain people in certain countries, but through technology it is open for all to enjoy.


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