BIOSTAR introduces the AM2 gaming mouse

September 23, 2016 • Gadgets and Gaming

BIOSTAR debuts the AM2 GAMING MOUSE for all the game fanatics

BIOSTAR debuts the AM2 GAMING MOUSE for all the game fanatics

BIOSTAR announces the introduction of its first gaming mouse. the BIOSTAR AM2 gaming mouse featuring an Avago 5050 sensor is capable of up to 2400DPI of tracking, perfect for gamers who are seeking their first gaming mouse.

BIOSTAR AM2  is designed to be an ambidextrous mouse for use by both left- and right-handed gamers. The size is optimized for claw- and fingertip-grip for precision control even in the most intense games but provide the swift response of the grip of your choice. The high-gloss mirror UV surface makes the mouse easy to clean and doesn’t absorb dust or dirt giving it that shiny, fresh look everytime especially when you bring it to LAN parties or gaming tournaments. Teflon mouse feet provide a slick and smooth glide for unhindered movement and friction reduction.

As competitive gaming grows, the trend in high-performance gaming mice has become a challenge for both gamers and manufacturers as it is difficult to find the middle-ground for various gaming genres and preferences. BIOSTAR is well-known for its value-based proposition, it takes this into consideration feedback from gamers and designed the BIOSTAR AM2 gaming mouse. The result is a striking balance of performance and quality in a simple offering meant for any and all gamers who want the most essential features like on-the-fly DPI switching, comfortable grip and excellent tracking.

Simple style mixed with highly accessible function makes it very at-home with gamers. Designed for comfort, performance and durability, the BIOSTAR AM2 gaming mouse understands the needs of those new to the search for the first gaming mouse and introduces an affordable balance that marries the best of this price point with BIOSTAR’s engineering technology.

The BIOSTAR AM2 gaming mouse will have an attractive retail price of $9.99

BIOSTAR AM2 features the raw essentials needed to get started in advanced gaming peripherals. It is designed with the raw feel needed to give gamers a better experience with their games especially fast-paced eSports and competitive titles. BIOSTAR AM2 it also features an on-the-fly DPI toggle button allowing quick cycling between preset DPI settings for unhindered gaming and rapid adjustment so you get the best sensitivity when you need it. The built-in LED lighting switches colors to indicate the DPI setting which are as follows “ 4 DPI steps: default 800 DPI starts with no color, 1200 DPI which is blue, green for 1600 DPI and blue-green for 2400 DPI. This mixes in style with function which converges both the unique gamer-style with actual function.

The HUANO switch provides excellent tactile feedback and durability lasting up to 10 million clicks for non-stop gaming.

BIOSTAR designs the AM2 gaming mouse with an anti-pull wire for durability functions.


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