South Africa: Xbox Live Gold sees price hike

Xbox Live Price South Africa
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Xbox Live Price South Africa
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Xbox Live subscribers in South Africa have been notified, via Microsoft, that the company will be implementing a price hike. Microsoft revealed that the price of a one-month subscription will increase from R50 to R159.

In addition to the month-to-month price hike, the 12-month subscription will be hiked from R590 to R979. South Africa is not the only country to take a blow, as prices for Austria, Hungary‚ Israel‚ Sweden and Turkey will also see an increase.

Microsoft revealed to GameInformer that: “We occasionally update pricing in a given market to provide a balance of service and value, and in some instances, meet currency fluctuations within the region, and will be adjusting the price of Xbox Live Gold subscription in a small number of markets on June 20, 2016.”

“We do so always keeping in mind that our goal is to offer our members the premium gaming and entertainment service at a fair price,” the company added.

According to GameInformer, current pricing is as follows for the remaining territories:

– Hungary: 2,000 Ft (Approximately $7.19 per month)
– Israel: 37.99 ILS (Approximately $10.05 per month)
– Sweden: 79 kr (Approximately $9.58 per month)
– Turkey: 18.99 TL (Approximately $6.40 per month)

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