Are you driving business value through your online presence?

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Companies that are not embracing new technologies and ensuring that their websites are optimised for mobile browsing are losing customers at a much faster rate than they are growing.

Today it is not hard to launch a website, but to launch a website that reaches your target audience and drives business value is not that simple. It is important to tie your website strategy back to your business goals.

“A website that purely shares information about your company, but does not trigger engagement will not drive sales for your organisation. Having recently been through this process, Business Connexion understands what type of content and engagement mechanisms will turn your website into a lead generation tool, encouraging contact and, ultimately, tangible and measurable leads. We ensure that our clients can engage with their customers in a way that is relevant, easy and suits their own needs,” says Vish Rajpal, Group Executive: Business Solutions at Business Connexion.

In addition to that, companies that are not embracing new technologies and ensuring that their websites are optimised for mobile browsing are losing customers at a much faster rate than they are growing. “Customers have evolved and this rings true whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer organisation,” he says. “The changing nature of how the customer interacts with your brand is forcing organisations to completely rethink how they engage in an appealing and relevant way, particularly in the online space. If you think that your existing website presence, using old technology that was developed three years ago, is still going to drive proper sales leads, then you are in for a big surprise. To put it bluntly – if customers cannot find you on search engines, they will not know about you and they will not do business with you.”

Are you relevant to your customers?
Business Connexion has just launched its new website, tailored to encourage more engagement with their clients. Built in-house by the Business Connexion Application Services team, the new website has been designed with the customer in mind. “The intuitive and user-friendly navigation allows our customers to easily navigate our site, giving them access to detailed descriptions of our services and solutions as well as insight into the new technologies driving the Internet of Things and our approach to current digital transformation trends in the industry with minimal effort,” says Matumane Tshabalala, Managing Executive of Application Services at Business Connexion.

“Clients can now access the content about our services and solutions through two different mechanisms – either through the X, which has become synonymous with the Business Connexion brand, or via the traditional drop down top menu making what you want, quick to find. As a technology thought leader, we understand how important it is to make information regarding solutions, services and trends as easily accessible as possible for our current and prospective clients. We made it a point to provide our clients with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise in the ever changing, dynamic and connected world we live in,” she says.

“A website is not just about talking to your customers. It should be a platform that allows your customers to transact and dialogue with you. We have included an e-commerce storefront that enables transactions and the procurement and management of services by users. In addition to that, we want to convert people who randomly find our site and those looking specifically for our site into an engaged audience rather than a passive viewer of the content we have available. This is done through various mechanisms, including a very visible ‘Talk to us’ option, live streaming of our social media feeds and easy access to communicate with us via those social media channels,” Tshabalala adds.

Are you ahead of the online game?
“In our new website, we have not only used the latest code, but we have also applied optimisation principles to ensure that we get the site and page ranking and the relevance right – something we do for our clients as well. We are also able to do analytics audits to see what content is trending, so that we can ensure we are providing our clients with the information that is most valuable to them.”

Your mobile presence is just as important as your online presence, if not more so. Most people on the African continent in particular use mobile phones to view online content, but if you have not invested in optimising your site for mobile consumption, you are losing a large portion of your audience. The responsive design of the new Business Connexion website dynamically adapts based on the form factor in use, so it works perfectly on PCs, tablets and mobile phones. “Many companies turn a blind eye toward their mobile presence, because they don’t understand what opportunities they could be missing out on as a result. Ensuring you have a proper mobile presence might extend your development time, particularly if you want to get it right, but if you invest that time and money you have far greater opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. Without that, you might as well hand your customer list over to your competitors who are willing to invest in a mobile-friendly web presence,” she concludes.

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