Huawei wins big at AfricaCom 2015 with LampSite solution

Africacom 2015
AfricaCom 2015
The Best Network Improvement award was for Huawei’s LampSite solution.

At Informa’s 8th AfricaCom awards dinner held at The Waterfront Lookout, Granger Bay Cape Town, Huawei walked away with two of the most prestigious awards, namely:- Best Network Improvement award and Breakthrough LTE Development award.

The Best Network Improvement award was for Huawei’s LampSite solution which is a leading indoor coverage solution deployed in Kenya for Safaricom which targets improved indoor coverage performance enhancements,  providing better indoor mobile broadband experience to Safaricom’s customers.

In total the project aims to improve the indoor coverage of 280 high-end buildings in Kenya, and the first phase targeted 40 buildings in and around Nairobi’s CBD, and has provided considerably better user experience for Safaricom’s GSM, UMTS and LTE customers in these buildings.

The Breakthrough LTE Development award was awarded for Huawei’s eLTE solution which was deployed in conjunction with Safaricom in Kenya to provide an emergency communications network, initially in Nairobi’s suburban areas and in the urban areas of Mombasa. Rollout of this network continues to extend this eLTE network to other major cities and roads in the country.

Huawei’s eLTE solution is a system that satisfies the requirements of Broadband mission critical communications and is considered the most appropriate technology for the implementation of Broadband. This service has enabled the Kenyan Police to improve their communication systems considerably, which has allowed them to provide a much more efficient Police Service to the Kenyan people.

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