Burundi Elections: Vote count underway, social media reacts

burundi elections
Technology is playing a key role in Ghana’s socio-economic development and its application in the governance sector is no exception. (Image Source: qzprod.files.wordpress.com)
burundi elections
2015 Burundi Elections. (Image Source: qzprod.files.wordpress.com)

According to a report via Aljazeera.com, the results for the Burundi elections are not expected to be announced until Thursday, 24 July 2015; however, incumbent Pierre Nkurunziza is widely expected to win his third term.

Electoral Commission president Pierre-Claver Ndayiragije said an estimated 74 per cent of the country’s 3.8 million registered voters cast their ballot, comparable to last month’s general elections, despite a boycott from opposition lawmakers.

According to the report, by the Daily Nation, violence rocked the capital as at least two people – a policeman and a civilian – were killed overnight before the polls opened on Tuesday in what Nkurunziza’s chief communications advisor called “terrorist acts” aimed at “intimidating voters.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged calm, calling on all sides to “refrain from any acts of violence that could compromise the stability of Burundi and the region,” according to the report.

The US State Department has joined, according to the BBC, critics saying the disputed presidential election lacks credibility and will discredit the government.

With the Burundi elections well underway, Africans have reached out to social media in order to air their opinion on the controversial elections.

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