Top 10 most valuable global brands revealed

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Apple has a strong presence in Africa. (Image Source:

According to a survey conducted by Apple has now been listed as the world’s most powerful brand. According to the report, the device manufacturer reclaimed its title from search engine giant, Google.

According to the, Apple claimed top position due to the launch of the iPhone 6 and Apple Smartwatch.

With a 67 percent increase in estimated value, Apple is said to be worth USD $247bn. The report reveals that Facebook proved to be the biggest mover among the top 100 list, with the social media giant doubling its brand value to more than USD $70bn.

Apple’s brand value growth surge saw it topple Google from first position with the search engine giant is currently sitting in second place.

Apple has a strong presence in Africa. The mobile device manufacturer launched the iPhone 6 and 6+ in a number of African countries, which include: Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Apple also unveiled its latest device – the New Apple MacBook – in an exclusive media briefing which was held in May 2015, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Top 10 most valuable global brands 2015

1. Apple, USD $246bn – up 67%
2. Google, USD $173.6bn – up 9%
3. Microsoft, USD $115bn – up 28%
4. IBM, USD $93.9bn – down 13%
5. Visa, USD $91.9bn – up 16%
6. AT&T, USD $89.4bn – up 15%
7. Verizon, USD $86bn – up 36%
8. Coca Cola, USD $83.8bn – up 4%
9. McDonald’s, USD $81bn – down 5%
10. Marlboro, USD $80bn – up 19%

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