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Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS). (Image source: Google/
Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS). (Image source: Google/

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS) unveiled the next phase of its Social Innovation business strategy at Hitachi Connect 2015 in Las Vegas last week. In conjunction with new solutions and services, HDS launched the Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations, Hitachi Clinical Repository for connected health, and Hitachi Live Insight Center of Excellence.

Hitachi Data Systems is a pioneer in Social Innovation, the unifying strategy across all Hitachi companies that combines rich Hitachi heritage in operational technology (OT) with its deep domain expertise in information technology (IT), advanced data analytics and data infrastructure to deliver holistic solutions that address an array of modern IT challenges in a multitude of industries.

The Hitachi Data Systems Social Innovation initiative and solutions portfolio address critical business and societal challenges – including population growth and urbanisation, aging public infrastructures and populations, rising healthcare costs and public safety concerns. By helping to address these issues, the company is delivering value for both businesses and societies. Leveraging its market leading data infrastructure technologies and smart analytics software foundation, Hitachi Data Systems is developing purpose-built solutions for a variety of markets that combine the power of connected devices and technologies – or the Internet of Things (IoT) – with operational technology (OT), machine-to-machine (M2M) and advanced data analytics, and best-of-breed IT infrastructure, all in a unified, fully integrated stack.

Hitachi Data Systems also announced a powerful new lineup of software-defined infrastructure solutions to simplify IT and support mission-critical workloads.

The new solutions and services being introduced to the Hitachi Data Systems Social Innovation portfolio include:

Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations: A cloud-based M2M analytics solution designed to help customers achieve optimal performance and availability from their IT infrastructure, and gain operational intelligence at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Hitachi Live Insight for IT Operations enables users to analyse all the machine data in their data center—from enterprise applications and data storage, to power distribution units and temperature sensors—to detect and identify the root cause of data center outages. Customers can also benefit from a new analytics accelerator service, which employs a five-step approach that leverages data acquisition, mapping and interpretation, predictive modeling, and data processing and retrieval tools, such as Hadoop and NoSQL, to gain actionable insights and drive business-level results.

Hitachi Clinical Repository (HCR) for Connected Health: A newly enhanced release of HCR, expanded to support connected health with secure mobile access. HCR for connected health empowers healthcare professionals with sophisticated data analytics, tools and proven delivery methods that let them adapt better to societal changes and increase strategic decision-making to optimise patient care. Built on Hitachi Content Platform technology, HCR provides a multipurpose data repository where all clinical and nonclinical data can be stored, backed up, preserved and retrieved on a single, integrated platform. By aggregating data from previously siloed applications, HCR makes patient records and health information sharable and discoverable across multiple caregivers, ensuring they have real time insights into prescriptions, treatment plans and more.

Hitachi Live Insight Center of Excellence: Planned to offer best of breed services, consulting and industry best practices, Hitachi Live Insight Center of Excellence is designed to help organisations confidently and swiftly test, customise and deploy advanced data analytics solutions, applications, platforms, and integrated solutions to support new business initiatives. Offering a single point of coordination across various Hitachi and third-party resources, customers can leverage Hitachi Live Insight Center of Excellence to:

– Develop precise big data strategies and analytics roadmaps with expert-led workshops that explore opportunities and clarify business impact.

– Tailor Social Innovation solutions to address their specific goals and industry dynamics, based on deep domain and operational experience.

– Deliver greater business value, faster, with more predictable results by using a proven team known for seamless deployments.

The new solutions and services augment and extend the company’s existing Social Innovation offerings for public safety, telecom analytics and other products and services from the Hitachi family of companies, which include:

Hitachi Visualisation for Public Safety: Originally announced at IACP in October 2014, Hitachi Visualisation offers situational awareness solutions for law enforcement professionals by integrating multiple types of data from cameras, sensors, emergency dispatch and social media. HDS is now introducing powerful new predictive analytics capabilities for its Hitachi Visualisation solution that will enable police to better prepare for potential events. The solution is powered by the Pantascene and Avrio technologies HDS acquired in September 2014.

Hitachi Live Insight for Telecom: Announced at Mobile World Congress in March 2015, Hitachi Live Insight for Telecom offers enhanced network analytics that are specifically designed to support communication service providers and their customers’ ability to enhance network services using real-time insight.

With thousands of relevant patents secured and new patent applications pending, Hitachi is a rapidly emerging global leader in the areas of IoT, OT, big data and M2M analytics, complementing its proficiencies in data infrastructure and IT. The company’s Social Innovation roadmap is now accelerating, buoyed by recent strategic software acquisitions that are providing the fundamental building blocks to deliver a smart analytics foundation that supports its growing solutions portfolio. Hitachi Data Systems plans to continue aggressively building its footprint in the IoT, OT, M2M and big data analytics markets in 2015, with plans to introduce new solutions and services for connected cars and connected energy, among others, that further leverage the expertise and the full breadth of products, services and industries served by the Hitachi family of companies.

“Our Social Innovation solutions and services leverage a broad spectrum of advanced technologies and considerable expertise from the Hitachi family of companies,” said Kevin Eggleston, senior vice president, Social Innovation and Global Industries at Hitachi Data Systems. “From data scientists to data algorithms, machine-to-machine and big data analytics, and operational technology, we have the abundant resources and embedded expertise to help organisations address real-world challenges through data innovation and accomplish more in the areas that matter most.”

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