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Nigeria Elections 2015: Twitter reacts

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Nigerian elections 2015
Nigerian voters wait to cast their ballots in Nigeria, 28 March 2015. (Image Source: enca.com)

On Saturday 28 March 2015, the Nigerian populous took to the polls in order to cast their vote. Voting is now over and the results are now being counted. While individuals have indeed sealed their vote’s, Social Media has been buzzing with thousands of Tweets and comments regarding the 2015 Nigerian Elections.

The voting process was extended for a second day at 300 of the 100,000 polling points. This was due to the late arrival of officials and faulty biometric voter-card readers, which caused delays on Saturday. The problems persisted in some areas on Sunday.

To have your say, you can use the following hashtags: #Nigeriadecides, #Nigeria2015, #Nigeria2015Elections, #NigeriaElections.













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