Friday, February 23, 2024
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Video Interview: Transforming African travel with smart technology – Sabre

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Travel and tourism alone is the third most popular topic, according to Sabre Corporation, for mobile apps, behind weather and news. These are mainly limited to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but the opportunity for wearable technology with apps in travel is significant – we can see uses for this for travelers, airlines, hotels and agencies. There is steady growth in the use of apps and online travel tools in SA, and points out that the country is ‘at the forefront of mobile payment and geo-location solutions. By taking note of key trends, South African and African industry leaders can get several steps ahead of their foreign counterparts.

In an exclusive interview with IT News Africa, Harald Eisenaecher, who is the Senior Vice President at the Sabre Corporation, discusses some of the key trends occurring in the South African and African travel industry. Additionally, Eisenaecher explains how travel can benefit from applications, big data, as well as wearable technology.

Interview conducted by: Darryl Linington

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