Xbox One finds a home in South Africa

Microsoft's Xbox One console (image: Microsoft)

After many boardroom meetings and strategy sessions, Microsoft has finally announced that their new console, the Xbox One, will be made available in South Africa in September this year. The announcement comes almost four months after the console was launched in the US.

Microsoft's Xbox One console (image: Microsoft)
Microsoft’s Xbox One console (image: Microsoft)

In addition to South Africa, 25 other countries have also been earmarked for a September launch window, including Argentina, Belgium, Korea, Turkey and the UAE.

While the console will land on South African shores in September, there has been no announcement of the retail price. “We will announce more in April,” said Xbox South Africa’s Public Relations head Graeme Selvan.

Microsoft is in competition with Sony to dominate the gaming and home entertainment landscape, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 available in South Africa since December 2013.

PlayStation distributor Ster Kinekor Entertainment, announced in December 2013 that the PS4 officially sold out in South Africa in less than 24 hours after release, making it the fastest selling console in Ster Kinekor Entertainment history, according to its most recent sales figures.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor