Video: Samsung SA’s go-to-market strategy


At the Tech Demo Africa 2013, held recently at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, ITNewsAfrica’s Consumer Technology Editor Charlie Fripp caught up with Brett Misselbrook, Enteprise Mobility Manager for Samsung South Africa, to discuss the company’s enterprise mobility strategy, key market trends and its direction going forward.

ITNewsAfrica recently caught up with executive leadership at Samsung South Africa to discuss the company's strategy. (Image source: File)

Samsung management claims the company has experienced a successful run with consumer products of late. Its strategy involves establishing a broad product portfolio to cater for multiple segements in the market and for various levels of mobile user, supported by technologies developed for this rapidly growing space.

“We certainly like to believe that we are somewhat differentiated from the other players in the industry in the fact that we come to the market more as a solutions-based advisory body versus just a handsets manufacturer that is doing the traditional box-drop one sees in this space… we are adding a lot of value by way of our interface with customers, by way of the consultative type capacity that we take on the technology and on the devices with corporate South Africa,” says Misselbrook.

The complete interview can be viewed below: