TAKEALOT.com adds Android, iOS apps to shopping cart

South African online retailer TAKEALOT.com has taken a step towards customer convenience by launching their iPhone and Android shopping apps in addition to the Blackberry 10 app launched earlier this year.

TAKEALOT.com has launched their iPhone and Android shopping apps (image: Takealot.com)

The apps aim to deliver an enhanced experience for customers, allowing them instant access to the world of retail via their mobile device, regardless of time or location.

“We’re not joking when we say it’s a mall in your pocket. The apps are designed to allow the user to access the world of online shopping without ever having to use a laptop or desktop computer.” Says Kim Reid, CEO.

Customers can start shopping instantaneously. They can register, browse, search and buy goodies with ease using the unique touch-optimized capabilities of iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10 smartphones. A nifty feature is the inclusion of a barcode scanner allowing anyone to window shop in bricks and mortar stores and price compare on TAKEALOT.com.

“You can now buy anything from Sports, Home and Kitchen, Baby and Toddler, Pet and Electronics goods to DVD’s, Books and Games AND get them delivered to your home, all from your mobile phone” says Reid.

With Africa rapidly becoming a mobile-driven continent, the new TAKEALOT.com mobile shopping apps are set to provide the ultimate solution to satisfy the SA consumer’s growing demand for a simple, safe and more convenient way to shop.

Staff writer