In Pictures: Acer’s New York City press launch

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer revealed their new line-up of tablets and notebooks at an international launch conference in New York City last week Friday and offered the world a glimpse into their future strategy to increase global market share.

Acer unveiled their newest products at a Global launch in New York City (image: Charlie Fripp)

The company showed off its latest products in the Ultrabook, notebook and tablet segments, focussing heavily on user experiences rather than mass-producing a wide variety of units.

ITNewsAfrica was in New York City to cover the event, and captured some images from the launch.

“For our current strategy, we are employing the factor of Duality – where Touch and Type will be the next new trend. In the near future, we will need to design User Interfaces that take full advantage of duality. Users desire to choose the platform they want, and Acer has chosen to design all kinds of design features to meet these consumer needs,” said Acer Chairman and CEO J.T. Wang during the press conference.

All images by Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor