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It is been a busy week for Africa's ICT sector. (Image source:

This week has been dominated by the release of product and commentary from spokespeople about the state of the market in Africa, particularly from South Africa and particularly from the likes of consumer electronics company Samsung and its release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 inSouth Africa.

At the same time there has been a marked increase in the number of new offers to customers by mobile service providers across Africa, including Vodacom, Telkom and MTN.

It is widely accepted that Africa has the fastest growing mobile market and growth in broadband access and infrastructure, together with an increase in Internet penetration, means that the smartphone space has become ultra-competitive and highly attractive.

Which is why the fiscal results of service providers and their level of activity is of significant interest to consumers.

We have compiled a list of stories, from across the continent, that have grabbed the attention of readers. From interviews to company announcements to features, it has been a busy week for Africa’s ICT sector.

These have been listed in order of the level of interest by readers, measured by the number of hits generated. These stories have all found a place on ITNewsAfrica’s ‘most read’ feature.

1. Samsung launches Galaxy S4 in South Africa

Electronics maker Samsung unveiled their latest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, at a launch event in Johannesburg. The event was attended by approx. 2500 guests, as well as media representatives from across the continent.

2. MTN loses 470 000 subscribers in South Africa

South African-based mobile phone provider MTN released its quarterly update for the period ending 31 March, and while they have had a strong financial quarter, they have lost 470 000 subscribers in the country.

3. Vodacom first to launch BlackBerry Q10 in South Africa

Vodacom customers will be the first to get their hands on the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10, which will be available at Vodacom World and other participating outlets on Thursday 2nd  May 2013.

4. South Africa: Telkom Mobile offers free unlimited Wi-Fi

Telkom Mobile offers free unlimited Wi-Fi access at over 400 hotspots across the country to subscribers on qualifying plans.

5. Nigeria gets mobile number portability

Nigerian mobile phone users will for the first time be able to port their mobile phone numbers to a different network without losing their current number.Nigeria’s mobile phone market has been at the receiving end of constant complaints about Quality of Service, and the number portability s ervice will sure shake up the industry.

6. Acer Africa launches e-learning classroom in Zimbabwe

Exactly one year ago, the prospect of a fully functional e-learning classroom in the North East district of Zimbabwe was not a reality for the children of this region. Acer Africa, together with business partners CreAtive Credit and Axiz Workgroup have collaborated to contribute towards the construction of a first-of-its-kind technology driven education facility, based at the Mary Mount School, in the Rashinga district, Zimbabwe.

7. Kenya pushes technology into overdrive

The country that gave the world two groundbreaking innovations in technology: M-Pesa, a mobile banking system, and Ushahidi, a platform for crowdsourcing information during disasters, is now taking its technological talents to new heights. The East African nation of Kenya has just started construction on a 5,000-acres piece of land in Konza, about 60km south of Nairobi, to turn the savannah area into “the most modern city inAfrica”.

8. “Africa is blessed with challenges” – Microsoft

During the closing keynote address at Microsoft’s bi-annual Tech Ed conference in Durban, South Africa, Louis Otieno, the former General Manager for Microsoft Corporation for East and Southern Africa and current head of legal and corporate affairs, highlighted the many aspects that go into technology development in Africa.

9. Western Union, KCB Group launch money transfer service

Western Union, a global leader in payment services and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Group has announced the launch of Account Based Money Transfer service (ABMT) for its customers in Kenya allowing them to receive cash from more than 200 countries around the world.

10. Liquid Telecom’s KDN extends fibre network to Tanzania

Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has announced that it has extended its fibre network into Tanzania and will be the first operator to connect the East African capitals of Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kampala and Kigalion a single fibre network.

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Chris Tredger, Online Editor