Skullcandy launches Navigator headphones

Headphone makers Skullcandy has announced the launch of the Navigator – a streamlined sibling to the brand’s iconic Roc Nation Aviator packed into a sleeker, more refined form factor.

Headphone makers Skullcandy has announced the launch of the Navigator (image: Engadget)

The Navigator is the answer for consumers that have fallen in love with the Aviator but are looking for their Supreme Sound to be delivered in low profile package without sacrificing their style.

This new on-ear headphone launched exclusively at Apple stores, where it will be displayed on listening stations for consumer demos.

“The new Navigator offers the perfect balance of premium audio performance and unmatched style d in a convenient and portable package that you won’t find anywhere else,” said Nate Morley, Skullcandy’s VP Marketing. “To add to that, we’ve included the full gamut of Skullcandy’s innovative features to create an all-encompassing audio experience for any audiophile.”

The Navigator is the next generation evolution of a highly successful concept from Skullcandy.

Featuring the brand’s custom styled drivers and highest grade materials, these on-ear headphones push the Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs consumers have come to expect in every new Skullcandy release.

With Mic3 functionality users have full control of volume, pause/play, tracking and the ability to have clear, crisp phone conversation direct through the unit. Additional features include an ergonomic design designed specifically to fit the shape of the users head and ears, soft leather touch ear pillows for optimal comfort and detachable cable input to eliminate tangled cords.

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