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Mi-Fone launches 60-day battery smartphone

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Africans want to access the Internet but cannot afford a smart phone. In addition, the greatest challenge experienced with smart phone users is that the battery runs out quickly.

Mi-Fone have launched the Mi3000 model - Africa’s first smart feature phone with a 60 day battery standby time (image: Mi-Fone)

In a bid to provide solutions to these challenges, mobile phone manufacturer Mi-Fone have launched the Mi3000 model – Africa’s first smart feature phone with a 60 day battery standby time with EDGE connectivity.

The Mi 3000 handset boasts a candy bar design with a large 2.8 -inch Touch screen and keypad. Just like all other Mi-Fone handsets, the Mi 3000 also comes with Mi-Apps with some free content that can be downloaded, and Opera Mini as default browser.

Other features include phone directory up to 1000 contacts, 1Gb Flash ,256 Mb RAM and a battery stand by time of up to 60 days.

Following Mi-Fone’s strategy to make available the latest technology at affordable prices, the company does not compromise on quality, and all the while, keeping the needs of its vibrant consumers in mind.

Commenting on the new entrant in the market, Mi-Fone CEO Mr. Alpesh Patel said that the Mi 3000 has the upper hand of long battery life, which is one of the greatest challenges for most competing brands.

The Mi3000 is a smart feature phone in that it is very similar to an Android smartphone but at lower price points.

“We all need to communicate, and having a handset that keeps us communicating addresses a crucial need among our customers,” said Alpesh.

Adding, “A lot of consumers are using their device to access the Internet and applications which quickly drains battery life. The Mi3000 addresses these concerns in a cost effective manner.”

Mi-Fone has already differentiated itself from other low-cost handset manufacturers with its focus on music, local talent and its new “Mi-Apps Java” store. This will be instrumental in linking the acquisition of local music in capturing revenue streams, which are often lost to piracy.

The rapidly-growing mobile brand continues to stamp its authority in untapped markets of Africa market by carefully addressing the needs of the mass market African consumer in a quality and yet affordable manner.

The Mi 3000 also comes packed with a list of additional impressive features:  2.75G, Dual SIM, 2.8” Color display, Talk up to 15 hrs, 2MP Camera, Bluetooth and Support Memory Card.

Established in April 2008, Mi-Fone has already sold over 1.3 million units and is shipping to 12 African countries including: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, DRC, and Mauritius.

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