Personalise the desktop to leverage off business intelligence

The sheer volume of data adding pressure to the PC server and the need to gate-keep information in order to prioritise the order of communication defines business intelligence today.


Teryl Schroenn, CEO, Accsys. (Image: Accsys)

This is the view of Human Resource and people development experts who develop and introduce management solutions to help clients enhance their operations.

As with many concepts within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, Business Intelligence (BI) has come to represent a great deal more than simply stacking high-tech solutions together to automate systems.

Today BI is a people-driven concept, influenced by the growth of social networks and social media and the convergence of these platforms in commerce.

Workers are accessing information from anywhere at any place, driven by the advent of mobile & wireless solutions.  Renewed focus on R &D by manufacturers and vendors mean that devices have become more affordable and have higher capacities. The idea of a mobile professional is now very much established.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, believes BI in the modern workplace means personalising the desktop so that resources, including social networking, is systematically and automatically received and positioned to add value.

“It is about directing resources in such a way so that they make sense, add value and are practical. The way we work today is a lot more sophisticated and the ‘intelligence’ component is in being able to streamline multiple resources in order to make our lives easier.  It is about deciding which information is important, which channels have to be followed up and engaged, and which is not considered critical,” says Schroenn.

The way companies and their staff use resources may have changed, impacting on BI, but the original objectives have not. The goals are still to save time, improve productivity and maximise resources adds Schroenn.

In a connected, virtualised world, time has become an even more precious commodity. There is technology available that allows users to prioritise what is beneficial and what is not – that is the intelligence that is helping businesses to work smarter – and harder.

Staff Writer