780 new malicious software detected daily


Two thousand Trojan bankers are detected on unique users’ computers every day. That’s according to Kaspersky Security Network data over the last three months. Kaspersky add 780 signatures daily for new malicious programs targetting private financial information. That is 1.1% of their total malware added to their database daily.

Over the last three months Trojan bankers have been detected on an average of 2000 unique users’ computers every day (image: stock.xchng)

In January, Kaspersky Lab experts discovered Trojan-Banker.MSIL.MultiPhishing.gen designed to steal account details from clients of banks including Santander, HSBC Bank UK, Metro Bank, Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB, and Barclays.

Once launched, the Trojan waits for an online banking service to start running. Next a window opens imitating an authorisation form of the respective bank. Oddly enough, the Trojan allows no mistakes, ensuring users enter their correct details.

Fraudsters end up obtaining confidential information allowing full access to the victim’s bank account. The Trojan primarily targets users from the UK, with over 90% of antivirus detections recorded there.

However, Trojan bankers affect just about every corner of the globe. Brazil tops the list of most targeted countries (16.9% of detections), followed by Russia (15.8%) and China (10.8%).

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