Phoenix Software signs distribution deal with Magix

A screenshot of Magix's Movie Edit Pro 17

Phoenix Software has signed a vendor distribution agreement with Magix, a provider of multimedia software. Magix, established in 1993, has developed technologies for creating, editing, managing and presenting photos, graphics, videos and music.

The agreement will enable Magix to expand and enhance its retail presence locally through its access to Phoenix Software’s expertise.

The portfolio of Magix products includes video editing software such as Movie Edit Pro as well as multimedia tools like Rescue your Videotapes and Rescue Your Vinyl and Tapes.

Movie Edit Pro 17 allows users to edit and enhance video recordings, to include special effects on a par with theatre-quality movies, to add perfect background music as well as animated DVD menus.

Completely compatible with all types of HDV and AVCHD type of camcorders, it offers many exclusive features for dubbing as well. In addition, it is usable for 3D video editing.

“Movie Edit Pro is loaded with applications and boasts a user interface that is easy to use,” says Phoenix Software CEO, Simon Campbell-Young. “But Magix offers many solutions, not just video editing, meeting any multimedia need.”

One of these is Recue Your Vinyl and Tapes. For all those people who have collections of old vinyl records and cassette tapes that they would like to convert so that they can play them on their computers or portable music players, or perhaps burn onto CD for safe-keeping, this is ideal.

“It’s not difficult to simply plug a hi-fi music system into one of the audio connectors on a PC in order to record records straight onto the computer’s hard disk. But vinyl turntables in particular tend to provide a weak audio signal and, of course, there are the inevitable crackling and hissing noises caused by scratches on the vinyl or tape itself. Rescue Your Vinyl And Tapes is designed to solve those problems with both hardware and software,” says Campbell-Young.

“We are excited by this new opportunity to promote Magix products, which complement our existing business so well. The products are well-known and well-established, with millions of customers worldwide.

We believe that the quality and reputation of Magix software fit in well with our high standards, and that our proven record in delivering excellence to our customers makes us a natural fit to effectively bring Magix software to new and existing customers alike,”  says Campbell-Young.

Staff Writer