New studio 7sixty to publish Stronghold 3

Firefly Studios' Stronghold 2

New games publishing studio 7sixty’s first title will be the eagerly anticipated third instalment of the hugely popular Stronghold series, developed by Firefly Studios.

The franchise has sold more than five million copies to date and Stronghold 3 builds upon the phenomenal success of its predecessors with a host of gameplay enhancements that will excite the existing fan base and ensure it appeals to new audiences as well.

“We feel Stronghold 3 is the perfect example of our new publishing spirit,” said Jeff Hutchinson, VP interactive entertainment at 7sixty. “It will have an incredibly strong presence on the shop shelf, alongside partnerships with leading digital distributors and plenty of high quality downloadable content.

“Attitudes to games are changing as gaming becomes part of today’s entertainment lifestyle,” added Jeff. “We want to ensure we move with the times so we’re meeting the needs of the consumer by offering excellent digital content, as well as boxed product.”

Leslie House, VP of publishing, added: “We want to work with independent developers on a long-term basis to expand their titles into successful franchises and we’re already close to signing some extremely exciting products to join Stronghold 3 in our line-up for this year.”