Voltaic unveils solar iPad charger

Spark Solar Tablet Case

Voltaic Systems unveiled a nifty little charger for the iPad, called the Spark Solar Tablet Case. Not only will the solar charger resupply energy to the iPad, but it’s also compatible with the Blackberry Playbook, T-Mobile G-Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab, the ASUS Transformer and most handheld electronics.

Voltaic promises that the solar charger will provide an hour of video playback for every hour that it stands in the sun, something that Africa has in abundance. In the event of no sunlight, the internal battery will store one complete iPad charge, and the battery can also be charged from a wall socket or car charger.

“Voltaic set out to design a lightweight case that could charge a tablet quickly, but also match the sleekness and simplicity of the many of the tablets. The Spark Solar Case is a powerful and compact way to carry and charge an iPad,” said Shayne McQuade, CEO of Voltaic Systems.

According Engadget, “On the front of each case are four two-Watt solar panels. Solar charge times are determined by the total area and efficiency of the solar cells – the Spark uses high-efficiency monocristalline cells which will charge an iPad from about 10 hours of sunshine. The cells are encased in a clear, UV and scratch resistant coating. The rugged panels are waterproof and built to withstand the abuse of everyday use.”

By Charlie Fripp – Consumer editor